Stylized Nature by Barbara Harms

Stylized Nature

A Selection of fiber art quilts grouped around the theme of nature, from flowers, birds even butterfly’s. Many in a stylized approach.


1tne-whole-world-under-the-sun33688_166808406694Everything Under the Sun47389_o-copy-copy(1)

            “Everything Under The Sun”-Barbara Harms


 “Moon Song”– Barbara Harms- a silk painted art quilt using applique, thread painting and a trapunto like effect



all imported photos 009

Barbara Harms “Moon Glow” an original art quilt


Red Egret at Water’s Edge, Late Afternoon light

 Appeared in Art Quilting Studio magazine. This contemporary art quilt was first silk painted, laying down blocks of background color in beautiful aqua blue and marine greens. The water  has the shimmering reflections and glimmer that are created when the late afternoon light is reflected off the water.

Red Egret Standing in Water. An original silk painted art quilt.

“Red Egret” Barbara Harms A red egret wades in the water in the late afternoon. As the sun sinks lower in the sky, it’s rays are reflected off the water

2015-06-14 red egret stained glass window wmmn 040

A detailed view of the plumage on this Red Egret. an original fiber art quilt by Barbara Harms


Barbara Harms Fiber Art

“Color Melts”- Barbara Harms A silk Painting.

Cherry Tree with Birds“Birds Among Cherry Blossoms” an art quilt by Barbara Harms

A fiber art quilt by Barbara Harms undersea landscape



A Bugs Eye View

“Bug’s Eye View”  A commission by Barbara Harms


Lunar Eclipse
 Barbara Harms-Lunar Eclipse 

 “Is It Raining Pink?”

As you stand looking up the trunk of an old gnarled cherry tree, you see a cloud of pink above. As you watch, a tiny pink blossom slowly drifts down to the pink ground below. Is it raining pink?

Cherry Blossom finished 2013-07-11 026


“Is it Raining Pink?”Barbara Harms



Flame a commissioned fiber art quilt by Barbara Harms


Barbara Harms Fiber Art





Sunflowers For Cyndy -Barbara Harms



-Barbara Harms detail of art quilt


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