Available For Sale

Here is a sampling of my work which I is available for sale. I have a larger selection in myhttp://etsy.com/shop/BarbaraHarmsFiberArtI also am happy to accept commissions, Send me an email and we can discuss it. barbaraharmsfiberart@outlook.com-be sure to include the topic in the subject box or I don’t open emails.


$145. Orange, blue green

This art quilt is for sale, available on my etsy shop,

The wall hanging has bright orange/red flowers are in abstract stylized floral. The size is 18″ by 13″.
This is original art work at an affordable price. It can be mounted on stretcher boards, as a canvas painting , and hung directly on your wall. The fbric


 $ Hot Air Rising


$140. Hot Air Rising

An fiber art quilt wall hanging. I hand painted the silk in an abstract design. This wall hanging is in orange and dark blue. They are stunning together

The size is 33″ by 14″.
It’s linear profile contributes to the contemporary design.


“Red Egret At Water’s Edge”

This absract hand pai

nted silk wall hanging is in rich blue and orange, It meaures



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