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Barbara Harms Fiber Art

Barbara Harms-
Up Close and Personal

I'm a mixed media fiber artist. Coming from a family of artists. From a early age I showed an aptitude for art.
By my teens I had narrowed my focus to painting. I was going to become a serious artist. I had aspirations!
I joined the Las Vegas Artist's Guild, their youngest member at the time. I loved being immersed in art. I was totally out of my league, a teen, in a room of adults..
I hoped I was unnoticed, silent but soaking everything in. Just a fly on the wall with a big grin spread across my face. That experience fueled my desire to pursue art.
There you have it, "glorious" beginnings of my artistic "career".
I've continued to paint for most of my life. On occasion I've sold some of my work.
A move to Oregon, first exposed me to quilting.
Back home. in Las Vegas, there wasn't much of a quilting scene,.But here in Oregon, it was thriving. It was new &
exciting. I jumped in, both feet.
But in time I began to miss painting, it offered more of a creative freedom.
Quilting had some necessary restrictions to create one.
Then, I discovered the world of fiber art quilting! It opened new doors, offered additional opportunities for creativity. Opening new doors, combining traditional art with another art form I loved. It was a natural transition. I was home.

My Process & Approach
I use many traditional quilting techniques in a non traditional application.
As a mixed media fiber artist, I work with many different mediums, the choices are endless.
For me, it's the process of creating that holds the strongest attraction. I love starting with a tiny seed of an idea; vague and blurred around the edges, then the I follow where it leads.

My style is fairly loose and instinctual. The choices and decisions called for are made based on on my gut feeling. I work visually and am not afraid to make adjustments until I'm pleased with what I see.
This approach can lead to many changes in direction. The outcome can come as a surprise.
I love that element of surprise.
Sometimes everything just comes together & I think that this is one of my better ones. I can’t wait to show someone. I feel like a six year old, running home from school, a drawing in hand . He can't wait to show Mom. At those times I'm smiling like the Cheshire cat.

Time To Quilt

It’s winter. You may stay indoors more. What does this mean to a quilter? More time for quilting, yeah! One of the art quilts I’ve been working on lately is this one with purple & blue irises.  I’ve made a lot of progress so far, so this a progress report.

You’re Never Without a Camera

 On my walk one day last month, I saw a wonderful sight,  looking up, delicate pink blossoms with sky blue behind them. Yes it’s cherry blossom time. This could be a future art quilt. Thanks to my Smart phone I took a few pictures, OK I took a lot of pictures, I don’t have over 4000 pictures stored in my phone for nuttin.