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Barbara Harms Fiber Art

"Why do two colors, one placed next to the other sing?"
Pablo Pissarro

Barbara Harms-Up Close and Personal
I'm an artist, art has been a life long love. My family is filled with many artists, so it came as no surprise that I showed an aptitude for art.
By my teens I was decided, to become a serious artist. I had aspirations!
I joined the Las Vegas Artist's Guild, I was their youngest member at the time. I loved it, immersed in art, everything was centered on art, the discussions, the techniques, the experience shared by seasoned artists and of course the artists themselves. I tried to remain unnoticed, a fly on the wall, observing everything quietly with a big grin spread across my face.
That was the glorious beginning of my artistic "career".

I have continued to paint for most of my life.
After a move to Oregon I was introduced to quilting, I loved it.
Eventually I missed painting. It offers a freedom of movement, that aren't necessary to create a traditional quilt. It can be less structured.
It is a new & exciting art form, emerging with few limits. It was a natural transtion. It opens countless possibilities, freedom to expand into new directions explore new materials .An exciting art form, the artists themselves are establishing definitions by the variety and creative directions their work is taking. .

My Process & Approach
I use many traditional quilting techniques in a non traditional application. Many of the techniques are used as a design element. Rather than a necessary step I'm a mixed media quilt artist. I use a variety of art mediums, anything that I feel will acheive what I'm going for, from paint to ink to permanent ink pencils.
When I see something that I find interesting I snap a photo. I know that it will become an art quilt at some point. I'll let it bounce around in my head for a while. Exploring the possible directions, until I find an approach that excites me.
I often do silk painting as a starting point and build layers of design on that.
I don silk painting, it has a luminous quality which seems to reflect light and rich color My style is loose and instinctual
I chose projects that excite me, when I enthusiastic, excited, I enjoy the process of creating. I do my best work,
I love the process of creating, starting with a seed of an idea, vague and blurred around the edges. Following where it leads me. I work generally do little pre planning. I follow where the emerging art quilt leads. My decisions are made as the needs arises, based on my feelings at that moment,
This leads to many changes in direct the outcome is a surprise.
I love that element of surprise.
Sometimes as I stand back looking at a finished piece, everything has just come together better than I had anticipated. I think this is one of my better ones. I'm feeling like a six year old running home from school, a drawing in hand, he can't wait to show Mom. I'm smiling like the Cheshire cat.