Here is a sampling of my work which is available for sale. I have a larger selection of art quilted wall hangings available in my Etsy shop. https://barbaraharms.com.




I also am happy to accept commissions, send me an email and we can discuss it. barbaraharmsfiberart@outlook.com be sure to include the topic of quilt in the subject box. I don’t open emails without a clear topic. Thank you.




A Grouping of  3 Framed Art Quilts    $165. 

A  group of 3 framed fiber art quilts, in a beachy cottage style. A daisy theme unifies them. Each art quilt is original fiber art work. Each one has a different view of daisies, each has featured colors of blue, yellow & white,.

Two blue frames have been distressed, creating that casual relaxed beach look.

This grouping can be hung in various configurations. By hanging them together they make a bigger impact.

The finished frame sizes are 17.5″ by 17.5″. 11.5″ by 11.5″ and 9.5″ by 9.5″.




To purchase follow this link to my Etsy shop


A Large Cher

 arge Art Quilt, Cherry Blossoms. 

img_4622-3  img_4381-1

This is a silk painted art quilt/ Each blossom and limb were created with thread painting.The size is large, 27″ x 39. It arrives ready to hang with instructions for quilt care and hanging. $335.

Red EgretThis art quilt appeared in Art Quilting Studio magazine. The silk has been painted with permanent silk paint, Then extensive thread paintings was used, adding layers of color and depth. As you can see in his mane of feathers.It’s size is 30×18 inches.

A red egret is pictured standing at water’s edge, at the time of day when the sinking sun’s light is reflected off the water. I’ve created the glimmers of light reflected off the aqua blue water.

2015-06-14 red egret stained glass window wmmn 040
A detail view of the depth in the head plumage on this Red Egret. Barbara Harms



As The World Turns– an original quilted art wall hanging

by Barbara Harms

PURCHASE NOW – $170.00

This wall hanging art quilt is original art. It has an abstract spiral as the focus, which is surrounded by beautiful multicolored elliptical shapes. They have been quilted around each to make them slightly raised. The spiral was created using pieced applique.



      $145. “RED”


 This wall hanging has bright orange/red flowers done in an abstract stylized floral style. The size is 18″ by 13″. It appeared in Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine. July/August 2017 issue

You can purchase original art work at an affordable price. It can be mounted on stretcher boards as a painting for a small fee.


$180. “Hot Air Rising”


A contemporary fiber art quilt in orange & blue, these colors are stunning  together. This is original art. It is a silk painted art quilt. 

The size is 33″ by 14″.
The linear profile contributes to the contemporary design of this textile wall hanging.





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