Abstract Geometric Gallery

An Impressionist garden art qult

     “Impression of a Garden”- A wildly colorful art quilt, silk painted. applique and thread painting used.

Filtered Light - CopyFiltered Light”- Water serves to filter the light as it penetratesthe ocean’s surface to reach this coral bed below. An original abstract silk painting

BarbaraHarmsFiberkites“Blustery Day”-The kites are blown here and there, anywhere the wind takes them. An original abstract silk painting.


Impression od an Garden

“Do You Dream in Color?” An art quilt that is alive with color and movement. Applique and creative thread painting used.



A detailed view of the art quilt “Do You Dream In Color?” Applique and creative free motion thread panting form the backbone of this art quilt.


“Metro City Lights”










Detailed View of “Metro City Lights”.- The linear lines and curves of fast moving traffic  and towering buildings.



“Metro City Lights”- An art quilt with metallic colored fabric highlights and thread painting. The reflections and  glimmers of light and color within the movement of a city, alive with action, excitement & hustle. The linear lines and curves of fast moving traffic, tall buildings and waves of people that make up the fabric of city life after dark.


A geometric art quilt “Metro City Lights”- The entire art quilt pictured above.


Rain Forest Canopy

“Rain Forest Canopy” An Abstract silk painting with thread painting embellishment.

An abstract silk painting with thread painting embellishment.



Rain Forest Canopy





Rain Forest




Down The Rabbit Hole

“Down The Rabbit Hole”

 techniques, silk painting, applique and creative thread painting.

"Down the Rabbit Hole" an art quilt by Barbara Harms

“Wonderland Revisited” 



geometric copy














IMG_5F00_0025 - Copy

“Two Sunflowers”





IMG_4849 - Copy

“Tangerine Sky”





Barbara HarmsFiberArt Abstract dogwood (2)


“An abstract Dogwood”


techniques, fabric painting,  extensive thread painting


Abstract Dogwoods 6



color3IMG_0012 - Copy

Detail from “Seuss Over Youse”


Seuss Over Youse

“Seuss Over Youse” an explosion of Dr. Seuss-ness all over you

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