About Me

“Why do two colors, put one next to the other sing?”       

    -Pablo Picasso-

  •         Me- Up Close and Personal

I’m a fiber art quilt artist.  I create original fiber art quilts and silk paintings, working in mixed media. I’ve had a life long love affair with art. I began painting from an early age. Painting most of my life.When I was introduced to a new art form, fiber art quilting,

I found a new love.
My style: is loose and intuitive.
My process: I do very little pre planning, it starts with a tiny seed of an idea, vague and blurred around the edges.I follow where that idea leads.My design choices are made as they present themselves, based on my intuition. This can lead to several changes in direction as the art quilt progresses. The end result can be surprising.
I love that element of surprise!

The projects I choose are ones I find exciting or interesting. When I’m enthusiastic about a project, I do my best work.

This also holds true with the commissions I accept. I spend a great deal of time in consultation with my client until I can understand my client’s vision. I share my input and put my stamp on the project. Then I find the elements within that vision which interest and excite me, making their vision mine as well.


BarbaraHarmsFiberArt Bug'sEyeView

My makeshift studio, it’s not where you create the work, but how much you love doing it.



An article in Art Quilting Studio magazine about myself and my art quilt,”60 MPH Sunset”.



Art Quilting Magazine 

A nice thing happemed

My quilt on the Cover of County Register magazine.







 Where To Find Me On The Web





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