Spring’s a Comin’ To Oregon, Just Bought the First Spring Flowers!

  I just bought pots & pots of  early spring flowers. The first arrivals in the many annual Walmart parking lot nurseries and Safeway store front flower and planter displays around the nation. Ahh earliest signs of approuching Spring.   

I think I went a bit crazy as  I am prone to do, spring, wonderful spring  approaches!  Joy fills my heart. My yearly floral frenzy has begun, “must buy flowers, many flowers. Quickly!”

Spots of sunshine are peeking out, here and there, chasing away the dreary days of  winter. However here in Oregon, spring weather can be a bit iffy, scattered rain showers come and go. It can be difcult to plan with any certainty  out door activities further than  a week or two in advance.

 I learned this from experance. In times past, I would throw a annual garden tea party. It was planned to coincide  with my garden at it’s peak of perfection. It evolved into a  Victora.garden tea. Eventally Victorian styled dress became a part of these parties. 

Yes, I realise that I am given to extremes, generally going completly overboard. It can be a symptom of an imagination in overdrive. I chalk it up to an artistic temperament, ha ha. In any event, getting back to my long lost point, planning a largish party around June can be tricky. 

Worse yet party planning made by an over the top obsessive kind of woman requires a lot of prepartion, timing is important. Many of the details must be left until days betore. Yet invitations must be sent which give the guests fair warning. An Unpredictable rain showers however light on the day of would  ruin it. 

I eventaullly invested in several light weight rain/sun canapies whch offered moderate protection from those light mists or sun, if the weather became too warm.

I’m sharing a few photos, I hope you have a bit of fun looking at the garden, flowers and the silly imagitation of a woman with no limits to rea

 The colors of spring!  


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  1. After this winter’s travels, primroses will forever be associated with the UK. Even on the greyest, dreariest, most drizzly days, I was sure to find a bright spot of wild colour as I passed a cluster of lovely primula.

    If only I had more success in my Manitoba garden. Each year, I lose a few. Those that do survive, though, are some of the first blooms to delight as the snow melts.

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