1 Photo A Week, a new blog to grow and learn about taking better photos

I’ve been so excited about the brilliant idea Bonnie McCaffery had, one of those light bulb moments,  you know what I’m  talking about, when the bulb goes on over your head moments.

It’s her new blog 1 Photo A Day. As a part of a group with a common interest in photography and a desire to learn and improve their skills. Each week we will work on a different goal, then meet online as a discussion group to share our experiences and photos.  All of this will be with the guidance and help of Bonnie McCaffery  . You no doubt associate that name with a talented and respected  art quilter and teacher. What you may not know about Bonnie, is that she is also a talented photographer. This is group is just starting up, so there is still more   an opportunity to join in. Here’ s some info and a link to learn more from the new blog..

“About 1 Photo A Day … With Bonnie McCaffery

We don’t take our cameras out to play enough. So I decided to do a blog and commit to taking 1 Photo A Day. Every time we play with our cameras, we learn. The blog is dedicated to sharing what I learn. People wanted to join in and suggested weekly assignments. This Flickr group will be a place for them to share their best photo of the week.

1Photo A Day blog – bonniemccaffery-1photoaday.blogspot.com/ – while the commitment is 1 Photo A Day, the blog is weekly.

Please limit to posting your best photoS (1-7 photos max) of the week to this group. Your welcome to put as many photos as you’d like on Flickr, by limiting to 1 Photo, we’ll have the best of the week. BTW “best” just means “your” best. We are all growing and learning and the odds are none of the photos will be perfect. Just remember the commitment “1 Photo A Day…Makes Me Happy.”