Is working with metallic threads giving you a headache? Ann Fahl has answers!

Ann Fahl's Mastering Metallics

Metallic threads are so beautiful, they glimmer and  shimmer and add such a special touch to an art quilt. We just love those threads. But I’m sure many of you will agree that they can be so frustrating to thread-paint or quilt with. Every few minutes…snap it breaks, or the tension may be tricky. You’ve all had this experience if you tried to use them, am I correct? You know it.

We all have tried many different methods to use metallics.  I’d enjoy what tips you’d like to share with us.

But I found a wonderful booklet by Ann Fahl with all the basics and tricks of using metallic threads.

She covers every thing in one compact place, I mean it’s all there. I’m so glad I ordered it from her website. I highly recommend it, what a thorough coverage, from  needles, to trouble shooting the common problems. There’s a lot of information that you’ve never heard before, I’ll wager.. All in one convienent spot.

Here is the table of contents:

  • Types of metallic thread
  • Choosing the correct needles
  • Needle chart
  • Machine problems
  • Needle type
  • Needle size
  • Machine tension
  • Thread quality
  • Spool position
  • Bobbin thread
  • Fabric choice
  • Pressing
  • Operator problems
  • Using Metallic thread: Programmed stitches, Free-motion embroidery and Free-motion quilting
  • Twisted vs. Flat thread
  • More tips
  • Check list and Resources

You interested? Of course!

Don’t take asprin, read Ann’s answers! Here’s the link to aquire this wonderful booklet.


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  1. As one who took 1.5 hours for each small ball covered in metallic Chrismon designs for our church tree last year, I SO appreciate all this practical help being available. Thank you!