Asian art

The progression of making an Asian Style comissioned quilt.

An Asian Style commissioned work, the progression and 

completion. A pictorial story.

Applique of the "Waves"

I used many commercial fabrics and created some striped fabric very easily. First used was metallic paint to make the lines, Then free motion.

adding more metallic painted applicated elements


The moon was made with thread painting in metalic thead very tightly

I finished by appliquing fussy cut crane from commercial fabrics.

Here's the finished quilt.


Another original silk painted art quilt Part 2- Heron, Cattails and Moon

This is the 2nd new art quilt, commissioned for a very special lady [you know who you are Missy]

This is similar to another earlier work, it’s a series, that’s what it is!

Heron & Cattails Under the Moon