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Art quilts, Barbara Harms Fiber Art, 1131 SW Ellis St, Dallas OR 039

Today’s the day, I’m excited!!


One of several photos that hatched the inspiration for this quilt.!


I’ve been rattling off about being featured in Art Quilting Studio magazine. The feature will follow the progress of making this quilt, and the inspiration behind it. It was about finding inspiration everywhere and grab a pic of anything that interests you. It doesn’t have to be super high quality photography. Take your phone and snap it, it might give you inspiration later. With the few photo’s I took one late afternoon that was just about dusk, and there was a beautiful sunset with a row of trees silhouetted, it struck me.

So I took my handy phone camera out  and snapped off a few pics from the window of the moving car Shock this photo violated every rule of photography.

Still, I liked the blurred result when I saw them, the movement. But what I liked the most was the dark trees with the golden sunset behind them. I was at once struck with the thought “art quilt”, this was a future quilt in the making.

So inspiration can come from the strangest places, with digital take lots of pictures, delete the ones you dislike, file away for future ideas the ones you find interesting. You’ll never run short of inspiration.

I made the quilt. When an editor for Art Quilting Studio magazine approached me and suggested I submit this with the story, process of making it. I was happy it was going to be used. Here’s the quilt, the article came out today.


Art quilts, Barbara Harms Fiber Art, 1131 SW Ellis St, Dallas OR 039

This is 60 MPH Sunset

Art quilts, Barbara Harms Fiber Art, 1131 SW Ellis St, Dallas OR 039

This is 60 MPH Sunset

"60 MPH Sunset"


60 MPH Sunset



60 MPH Sunset-available for sale

60 MPH Sunset -

Detailed view

Hope you get to see my feature.


Barbara Harms Fiber Art "HollyHocks" detail from the fiber art

Fast Foward

The hollyhocks are are coming right along, Here’s my progress report for my time lapse quilt for 2/16/2014. I’ll  give a few photos leading up to today’s progress., if anyone is just seeing this for the first time. It will make it a time lapse.

hollyhock quilt progress 004

Start Date Jan 19 Fabric painted work begins

hollyhock quilt progress 006

Jan 27

hollyhocks, hollyhock quilt 020

Feb. 2 2014

Barbara Harms fiber arthollyhock quilt progress 024

Feb 5

hollyhock (10)

Feb 9

Progress 2/16/2014

I have finished most of flowers and and added the shading to the stocks. A few side views of the flowers and buds and a little more details and then I’ll be ready to quilt it.

Feb 16


hollyhocks 2 16

hollyhocks 2/16/2014

hollyhocks 007

hollyhocks 010

hollyhocks 014If you would like to follow this series from it’s start here are the links that cover it





hollyhock quilt progress 006

Time Lapse Art Quilt Begins

An editor stops by my empty Etsy shop. I’m mortified she sees it in such an empty state. Must make quilts, make quilts-no Facebook for you Barbara! Here’s one I’ve just started, if you want to follow it from beginning to end. So why not make a game of it? Time me, let’s see how long it takes me to make a quilt. Start date – January 19th.  Gotta go, must make quilts.

hollyhock quilt progress "the" beginning

All painted. sketched the layout [I never do that,. but felt I needed to on this one] Go

Beginning stages of the hollyhocks

Beginning stages of the hollyhocks

Hollyhocks progress