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Contrast, make your art quilts POP!


Put two opposites side by side, what happens?

How do you stand out in a crowd of people dressed in black?

Wear white.

I make art quilts for sale and  I do silk paintings. I want my work

to get noticed. Do you want art work that stands out on your walls?

Contrast can make a big difference.

Strong contrasts make things  stand out, they are noticed  immediately, commanding  your attention. A strong contrast will intensify the impact of the contrasting items.

The definition of the word contrast is the state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in juxtaposition or close association.

Why my interest? I’ve been thinking about contrasts lately and more to the point, how can they be used effectively in to create interesting fiber art quilts.  I’ll get to that query later. But first I have one of my little stories to relate.

   Sane or insane? Earthling or alien?

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Color Melts Barbara Harms art quilt

How to manage my 24


IMG_0390 copy (2)

It Passes So Quickly

One day, for some reason, I read some my older posts. As I read, I noticed a common thread running through many.

I often seemed to be in a dither, “My shop is empty. My oh my! I need to make more quilts, More! More”. There weren’t enough hours in the day to  accomplish everything. 

It occurred to me that perhaps I was making  excuses for myself…hum, Could I benefit from an examination of my time management. Continue reading

What’s This? Am I Going Traditional?

Here’s a new quilt for a baby girl. It has a tea party theme, with hand turned applique on the teapots and cups.

I’ve made a few traditional quilts lately, a change from my usual art quilts. I’ve just been in the mood for some traditional quilting.

I did feathers around both outer  borders and other stiches. Just for fun, I quilted wisps of steam rising up from the tea cups.

More quits next post, come bye and see

This would make a  cute table topper too.

The hand turned applique tea pots and cups are in small  blue prints. set on blue and yellow fabric, covered with tiny blue teacups. It’s darling fabric.

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