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My Fiber Art is Hanging In Oregon’s new State Hospital. How About That?

The open of State hospital 064             \The open of State hospital 065 - CopyThe open of State hospital 062

I had a nice experience that I thought I’d share. The state of Oregon purchased four of my art quilts. You may wonder why would a state need art quilts? They were needed because the old Oregon State Hospital was just that, old. Repairs and improvements had been made over the years, but it had reached the point that the state decided they needed a new one.

That new facility has just reached completion. the new beautiful Oregon State Hospital and beautiful buildings needed to be decorated. So art needed to be purchased. This is where I came into the picture, as well as other artists.

This hospital was needed, the old one was falling apart around them. This is the same hospital that the old

movie “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” was filmed in. Do you remember the movie? Jack Nicholson starred.

The movie was filmed there, and if you recall, it looked pretty old and dreary way back then.

The state began work on a new facility and it has now been completed. The final tasks are being completed before the big unveiling to the public, some of these involved the decor and decoration. I was happy to be among the artists included.

These last few weeks the staff have been moving into the new building, a massive exodus and while unpacking and settling in were taking place, a concerted effort to hang the art and add the finishing touches was going on as well.The open house took place last week.

Bafrbara harms Fiber ArtA Bug's Eye View Karen Nixon (3)

Karen Nixon a psychologist in Brisbane Australia had the same idea, great ideas spread rapidly..

The idea that was conceived was to hang quilts on some of the walls  to give  a homey feel. It is a state mental hospital and that was a great idea.

I don’t know if you remember the Australian Psychologist, Karen Nixon who commissioned an art quilt to hang in the office she and three other psychologists share in Brisbane? They had the same thought, it would help patients to relax and feel comfortable.

It was a lot of work, but the New Oregon State Hospital  opened their doors on schedule for the public to see. We were invited and attended naturally, I wanted to see my art quilts hanging. Most of the quilts I saw were conventional ones, beautiful work. Due to the time crunch, they were unable to hang all the quilts, not surprising, given the circumstances, they certainly worked hard to get every one up in time, but it just wasn’y possible ,but they will get everything hung, I’m sure.The ones that were, looked wonderful. I think this was the exact sort of atmosphere that they wanted to create.

As we walked around the facility, every where we went on the tour I noticed the quilts.They added a beautiful touch. Quilts make great artwork, most were traditional quilts and they brought color and interest. I noticed many visitors were enjoying the art. It was cheerful, happy, homey and bright, in a state that has many dark, gloomy day. It can be difficult to keep their spirits up. I’m referring to the general populous who may not face the challenges which are faced each day by those who will move into this building.

They added a colorful, cheerful and a cozy feel. I’m unaware of the many who worked so hard to make this facility what it is, but I do know the young lady who I had contact with. She was sincerely committed to acquire these many wonderful quilts, which under such a limited window of time. She deserves recognition for her commitment and hard work. I can easily imagine her working through the night right up to to the last minute.

Many thanks to Angela Poirier and the many others whose names I do not know.

I’ve included a few of the my photos taken of the facility itself and naturally of some of my art quilts hanging there which some requested to see. I took many photos, as you are aware I am prone to do,I shared a few that I personally liked.

I also wanted to encourage you to take a look at at Karen Nixon’s website, there are so many articles covering a multitude of problems with practical help provided It’s more of a resource than most usual business sites, which provide the hours of operation, maps and directions. I just read that she is now doing sessions for those who don’t live in Australia. This is possible through via Skype. Brilliant!

I am very impressed with Karen, she seems to be aware of the new developments in the field, She seems have a genuine commitment in providing help which can make a difference in the lives of others.Her webpage is proof of that, providing help and guidance for her patients, as well as others who follow the information presented there, As I said,I am impressed. Do take a look at her website,at the many topics that are discussed in her articles.


North Brisbane Psychologists
Aspley Medical Center Complex
Suite 1, 1131 Gympie Rd.
Aspley, Qld 4034

You can see the walls and doors under the structure.

You can see the walls and doors under the structure.

The opening of State hospital

A exciting sculpture  that’s functional, it serves a covering  for those                                                                                             who want to enjoy being outdoors and stay dry

The open of State hospital 054

A sculptural chandler modern yet has an organic feel

The open of State hospital

My “69 MPH Sunset” and me!

"60 mpn Sunset" art quilt

My art quilt “69 MPH Sunset”

The open of State hospital 003 copy copy

My art quilts hanging in the state hospital

The open of State hospital 033

Encouragement to

The Opening of State Hospital

to change

The opening of State Hospital

self-defeating thinking


“Lunar Eclipse” This is the one quilt of mine, that they didn’t have time to hang, but they’ll get to them all and jt will be even nicer.

BarbaraHarmsFiberArtLunar Eclipse


This is the photo I used as a basis for the currently unfinished art quilt

Photo Editing Programs- New Tool For Designing Art Quilts?


This is the photo I used as a basis for the currently unfinished art quilt


If you visit my blog very often, you might have noticed that I haven’t posted as frequently as I usually do. I’ve had a few things going on, so I’ll try to catch you up in the next few posts on anything that might be interesting.
My Etsy shop is looking a little depleted lately. My last sale was four quilts that will be going into Oregon’s new state hospital, I felt pretty proud to be included  in the art choices for it  So that’s a nice thing to share.
My Etsy shop is looking a little depleted lately. So what that means is I need to get busy and make quilts! That is just what I’m doing, making quilts and loving it.
I’m currently experimenting with what may prove to be a useful tool to generate a little creative inspirations.
I’ve been playing around with Photoshop using some of the special effects edits and have had a few results that I liked enough to put into my future projects folder. One that looked like an old photo negative. The colors-seem reversed. It looked like good art quilt material. So I tried it out, made one. I thought the result was interesting,I’m going to try a few-others.

BarbaraHarmsFiberArtDogwood abstract#2
This is the main Photoshop picture I'm using to create my abstract art quilt., combining it with several others.

This is the main Photoshop picture I’m using to create my abstract art quilt., combining it with several others.

LEFT- Here’s the photo, I used, actually I used a darker colored version of this photo



Here’s the art quilt, it isn’t capturing the photo effect.I found it hard to duplicate the thousands of tiny drops of colored ink that made up the photo.






Reminds me of Noe-Impressionist Seurat lots and lots of colored dots make up the picture. In this photo edited dogwoods, printed with zillions of tiny drops of-colored ink.  I’m intrigued with the idea, easy to do with paint, but thread?

Here’s another which gives a clearer view of the tiny drops of colored ink that create the image. I’m thinking about this idea, how to achieve this effect on an art quilt.


 Reminds me of Noe-Impressionist Seurat lots and lots of colored dots

Notice how many different tiny drops of color here?