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Bee Whisper, “Will You Bee my minion?” “I do”


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Update, Whew. I’ve Been Keeping Busy

I’ve been working fast and furious

I’ve been focusing on several quilts. As I’m wrapping up the Stained Glass Window quilt, it occurred to me that I may not have posted photos of  the other quilts I’d finished.They are both painted silk with thread painting.Here are a few photos. Both quilts are available on my website.

They are both painted silk with thread  painted,

Pink Blossoms Blue Sky

art quilt

Detailed view of the thread painting on Pink Blossoms Blue Sky

Pink Against Blue a fiber art quilt

Details of dogwood thread painting

The Red Egret art quilt 

              Here’s the other art quilt I’ve finished, the Red Egret, I began this art quilt with silk painting the                                   background. While doing that I roughly blocked in the color areas where the features of the design would later be placed. The egret was created almost exclusively with thread painting,

A pictue of the art quilt Red Egret in it’s entirity

The paints I mixed for the water I added a sprinkle of glitter to create the glints of  that are reflected off the glassy surface of the water. light makes when reflected

Red Egret fiber art quilt by Barbara Harms

               A detailed look at the thread painting that created the feathers.

Red Egret Fiber Art Barbara Harms

So there they are, a couple of the quilts I’ve finished. Next post I’ll show you the 3rd, a stained glass window quilt..  commission

Painted in Waterlogue

The Pigs Are Flying!

I have finally finished the long promised, illusive website which I have spoken of endlessly for months. Any second it would go live. But I realized finally the hopelessness of my quest. I lacked the most basic knowledge and skill needed. The advert for this template site was “Anyone could build a website in an afternoon”. “I’m an anyone, so why not?” I thought. Because no one counted on this anyone as so hopelessly beyond the simplest skills that any 4 year old child possesses. Months and months have passed. Finally with endless hours of tech support, a miracle! The Pigs Are Flying!

But it’s happened,  Come by and see.

The p20140513-172657.jpgigs are flying!