Floral Gallery

Floral Gallery

“It’s Raining Pink”-sold

Viewed from the perspective of looking up the twisted, gnarled trunk of an old cherry blossom tree. It bears the scars of many years. Above is a crown of pink. As you look, a tiny blossom drifts down, is it raining pink?

Raining Pink

Barbara Harms Fiber Art "It's Raining Pink 2013-07-01 009

Raining Pink

One Peony -SOLD

One Peony -SOLD

Morning Dew sold

Monet's Garden-SOLD

“Quilt For Cyndy”-sold


Sunflowers for Cyndy-Comissioned

Sunflowers for Cyndy-Commissioned

“Under The Cherry Tree”-sold

Under the Cherry Trees-SOLD

Under the Cherry Trees-S

“An English Cottage Garden”-sold

English Cottage Garden available for sale

“Yellow Birds in Cherry Tree”-sold

Cherry Blossom Tree-SOLD

Cherry Blossom Tree-SOLD

“Everything Under the Sun”-sold

Everything Under the Sun-

Everything Under the Sun-SOLD

“Two Sunflowers”-sold

Two SunflowersSOLD

“Pink and Blue”-sold

     Blue and Pink


    1. Happy birthday Barbara!! with thnkas for the sheer pleasure you’ve added to my life with your stories. Many of the top spots on my list of Imaginary Men are taken up by characters you dreamed up and made real. So thank you. And many many happy returns.


  1. Beautiful work!!!! So many are “jaw dropping”! Johnathan was highly impressed! He says, “that’s a quilt? Looks like a painting!” You are truly talented!!!!


  2. Hello,

    Searching for an artist that would create a queen size quilt with cats (my 4 cats pic’s)

    Do you create artwork like it?
    Can you give me an estimate of the cost for such an art piece?
    Thank you. Life is good. Christine


  3. Regarding- Everything under the sun…Hello Barbara. your work is BEAUTIFUL! I am looking for a horizontal piece to mount, like canvas, behind mu couch..the colors in your sold “Under the Sun” piece are perfect! Do you have anything nearing completing that may be similar?


  4. I saw your art in a magazine this past week – I so love the Hope is a thing with feathers – art quilt – I love all of your work but that one was just so incredibly wonderful I rate it as first on my list. I am an artist but never in material – it is amazing to me how you do it! I just wanted to tell you.


      1. Kathy You mentioned you are an artist, what is your prefered medium? I started with watercolor many years ago and some oils.
        It’s interesting how our medium can change over the years, but the love of art never does.


    1. Thank you for your nice comment, I am a color addict, as you night have guessed.
      I use it in large doses for sure, probably even more in my abstracts. I love flowers and natural themes as you noted. I like a bit of blending both with with stylized flowers. There’s so much that appeals to me,


      1. The Abigail Adams mysteries are so delhgitful that I decided I had to write a note to Barbara Hamilton to thank her for them. And discovered that she is the author of my beloved Benjamin January books. So this is a thank you for both these intelligent series, for the realistic characters, the evocative settings, and the cleverly constructed mysteries. Brava!Mary


  5. I love the use of nature as a subject in your quilts. I also love the use of vibrant colors. My favorite one is the octopus ocean scene.


    1. I don’t know if my comment went through Sophia, so if you see 2 that’s why. But thank you again for your kind words. I love color and usually use it very heavily, I’m an addict. I had a really fun client who commissioned the octopus quilt, it was so fun to do.


    1. Grumble Grumble*Fifteen* of Ms Hambly’s books will be available for the Kindle on Mar 29th.Is she tiyrng to send me to the poor house? [Wink]Oh, please tell her thanks because I will be getting them. [Smile]


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