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Gallery Of Selected Work

A Gallery Of Selected Work

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"Is Raining Pink"-Barbara Harms

“It’s Raining Pink”  Barbara Harms Fiber Art

Standing at the base of an old gnarled cherry tree, your eyes follow the twisted and scarred trunk up to a cloud of pink.

You watch as a pink petal slowly drifts to the pink ground below. Is it raining pink?

4Cherry Blossom finished 2013-07-11 026











"Cherry Tree Birds"-Barbara Harms










                    “Cherry Blossom Birds” silk painted, using creative thread paint


Silk painted art quilts, beaiutiful yellow and black birds with moon behing. Moon Song

“Moon Song” a silk painted wall hanging  by Barbara Harms


BarbaraHarms 1131 SW Ellis St. Dallas OR.(&338 Morning Dew (2) - Copy

   “An Impressionist’s Garden” Silk painted, appliqued with hand painted silk fabric & thread painted.

barbara-harms-1131-sw-ellis-dallas-or-97338-lunar-eclipse-2-hi-resBarbaraHarmsFiberArtLunar Eclipse

“Lunar Eclipse” a silk painting enhanced with metallic paint and thread.


Filtered Light

“Filtered Light” Barbara Harms A Silk painting using some

enhansed thread work,

Stained Glass Window Quilt

A commissioned Fiber art simulated by Detailed view

A Stained Glass Window" art quilt

“It’s Raining Pink”  Barbara Harms Fiber Art





Sunflowers For Cyndy- commissioned
“Sunflowers for Cyndy” commissioned Fiber art quilt Harms Fiber Art
IMG_3109Notice the direction of the sun mades the left side lighter









A Walk in the English Countryside

A Walk in the English Country Side

Raven Tree

    “Raven Tree”


"An English Garden" Barbara Harms Fiber Art

English Cottage Garden Used for the cover of County Register June/May ‘1



A Bugs Eye View

Commissioned “A Bug’s Eye View”.




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