Busy little bee, that’s me. Part 2

A busy litle bee, that’s me. Part 2


As I mentioned in an earlier post, after a few bigger sales, my new /Shop/website is looking  a bit  empty. Now sales are a good thing, but an empty shop is not.

Now here’s the rub, since there is only one of me & my art quilts are labor intensive, meaning they take time, lots of it, you see the problem. I enjoy making them too much to cut corners. So it can be difficult to catch up.

Now don’t get me wrong, I want to sell my work, and I hope you will continue to purchase it.

What I need dI need  to practice better time management, no goofing around  get off my behind (this is an exaggeration, I have been working).  spend less time on Facebook, Pinterest ect. Pinterest is a hard one. It absolutely sucks up time like a sponge.and is as addictive as a drug. Maintaining a balance, that’s the thing.

The lap quilt pictured here was made for a very good friend.. I twas
































































































































































































































































































































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This One is not for sale but I made it for very good friend,  still work then I finished. When I gave it to her I just discovered she hadllection of little antique looking porcelain kitty cats,  that are so much like the ones in this quilt it was as if I had planned it that way. But I never really noticed them before., I think she really liked it and I sure did enjoy making it for. her.  almost so it really tickles her and it made me happy

Aren’t these kittens just just adorable? They’re cute cats, they look old fashion Ed and I love the colors. I have more of this fabric if anyone’s interested.

Thanks for stopping in to take a look at my kitty cat quilt.

I’ll try to post the other one, late tonight when I get home . It’s a slight change of direction for me. I plan on adding a few more like this but just a little something different to add in so leave your feedback let me know what you think. I hope you find it interesting ..
Oh I forgot to tell you, I’m having a really good sale on my new website  I’m hoping you’ll come see me & support it, quite a few quiltsE marked down considerably.
I haven’t had the chance , but I am going to compare my prices for the same items listed on Etsy,  and to help get it going I’m going to have a lower price then the same item listed on Etsy with the prices on my website and I will have a lower price on my website when I get that done. But if you have a quilt in particular you’re interested in please contact me and let me know and I can give you a price of how much it would be on my website  ebsite is having a big sale a lot of clutter of my down quite a bit so stop by OK thanks and I hope you like it too so see yeah bye




Thinking with a different perspective

This is another quilt I’ve been working on. It was commissioned by a client that I have enjoyed working with on numerous occasions. When I say working with her, it has been just that, a collaboration really.

She comes up with some very interesting and unique ideas for commissioned work. For example take the word fire, she gives a simple idea , then let’s me run with it. Just think of the possibilities. Continue reading