Bee Busy With What You Love Part 3? 

I’ve had art quilts and fiber art  on my mind all summer. As I mentioned in earlier post I’ve been working busily to make more  quilts for  My shop and a few other things that have kept me hopping and  boppin. I mentioned I’d post the other recently finished Wu uilt from that  flurry.. Finally here it is, focus more on the silk painting giving it more of a water color feel.

The I’m planning on offering a few lower-

priced work so there’s diversity and a selection of work that good suit more people with different budgets. 

Speaking of which I plan to go through most  work which is available on both my website and my Etsy shop with just a few exceptions. ord my website here work I have here listed that is also listed on dancing and I’m going to mark down the work here just a little lower the price on . I hope that’s incentive to get my shop off the ground in and people looking around here. prism oing to offer a few lower price points to add some diversity and a few lower lprice points ready to interested. The pics go up tonight  just ran out of time on us the beer.

I was endeavoring to make my clubs and fill my shot.



 A busy little bee, that’s me. Part 2

A Friendaship Quilt. The Best Kind

As I mentioned in an earlier post, after a few bigger sales, my new /Shop/website is looking  a bit  empty. Now sales are a good thing, but an empty shop is not.

Here”s the rub, since there is only one of me & my art quilts are labor intensive, meaning they take time, lots of it, you see the problem. I enjoy making them too much to cut corners. So it can be difficult to catch up. Continue reading

Thinking with a different perspective

This is another quilt I’ve been working on. It was commissioned by a client that I have enjoyed working with on numerous occasions. When I say working with her, it has been just that, a collaboration really.

She comes up with some very interesting and unique ideas for commissioned work. For example take the word fire, she gives a simple idea , then let’s me run with it. Just think of the possibilities. Continue reading