It looks like a site, but does it work like a site?

My repair and redo labors continues on my WordPress blog. It is taking considerably longer to fix than “just the few days” I had blithely promised on the day that my blog imploded.

HA! I can’t imagine what possessed me to make such an impulsive statement, which given my computer skills was not even remotely possible. Not even with help from the blog fixer fairy, no way.

Of course part of my reaction can be chalked up to fear that anyone who lands on my blog, will leave, never to return. Maybe I was in shock, after all it was the day that my blog imploded.  Continue reading

Art quilt for sle Deep Woods in a room setting

My art quilts need a new home. Did you realize

I’m going to put my big  girl panties on!


Deep Woods,an art quilt in a home setting

My theme has had a problems so My art quilts need to move into a comfortable new home, I’m working on it.

  • My art quilts need a new home. My blog theme has imploded and I need to find another  one and get it set up. All I could think was,” here we go again, who can I find to help me?”.
  • The thought of trying to set up a new theme strikes fear in my heart! I am tech challenged, even the simplest task performed on the internet is like climbing Mount Everest.
  • All the support personnel on the sites I use, practically know me by name.
  • All my new besties receive , receive so many cries for “Help” from a lady who requires literally hours of time to assist, we get to know each other fairly well. I am sure they rarely deal with persons so profoundly handicapped in knowledge. They have to speak very slowly and repeat things over and over, “Yes Ma’am to start your computer push that button at the top left corner of your keyboard, that’s the thing with all the letters on it, like a typewriter.Yes Ma’am I think you have it, is a light coming on?”
  •  I have to say though, they’re all such a polite and patient group of young people. I always ask, after their ordeal, to speak with their supervisors. I commend them and tell the company what a fine support person they have in that employee. They deserve the small shout of commendation, I always mention that they deserve a raise. I hope they aren’t fired because I used so much of their time.
  •  Example, I was contacted through my Facebook business page by a lady whose daughter works for Apple support, her daughter had helped me that day, somehow probably from boredom as I tried to log on, she had looked at my website, and commented that her Mom would like these. She called her Mom long distance to tell her mother to look at my website. Her mom had messaged me to relate that her daughter had sent her. See? Great kids. 
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