Red Hollyhock fiber art quilt update

That’s a Wrap, Hollyhocks and Ladybugs

I’ve been working busily on my hollyhock quilt and now it’s finished. I’m a bit disappointed that it’s over, it was a really enjoyable project. I need to catch up on a few things and officially start on my newest commissioned quilt. I say “officially” start, but I’ve been bouncing ideas around in my mind before today. I’ve done a few preliminary sketches, playing around with possibilities.
I’ve posted some pictures of the progress now finished, here’s the finished red hollyhock quilt. It has it’s title, “A Bug’s Eye View”. As I finishing the last few touches, my husband was standing back looking at my progress and decided that it needed a little bug in it.

It is a floral art quilt, but I wanted to add a contemporary spin, a little non traditional. So I chose to give the flowers and stalks a disproportional profile. As my husband observed , it would be how the world might look to a little bug as he looked up at the huge world. I thought it might work, a cute little ladybug, that you would barely notice. I needed to run the idea by Karen, the lovely lady who had commissioned the piece, how would she feel about this? She liked the idea and so my little ladybug was added at the very last.minute. And that is how it came by it’s title “A Bug’s Eye View”.

You’ve seen the progression, here is the finished version. You may notice that the ladybug is missing, she was truly the last addition. But I think she is indispensable now that she has been added.

Barbara Harms Fiber Art holly hock art quilt

I added texture to the leaves, they are not just visually dimensional, but have actual texture and dimension.

Barbara Harms Fiber Art a art quilt A Bug's


Barbara Harms Fiber Art contemporary floral art quilt


Barbara Harms Fiber Art a fiber art quilt with thread painted hollyhocks

Closer view of quilting

Barbara Harms Fiber Barbara Harms Fiber Art detail of the quilting on the hock art quilt













IMG_Ladybug quilt, landscape quilt, lady bug, hollyhock quilt




Barbara Harms Fiber Art modern art quilt

One of the thread painted hollyhocks


















The Internet, A Shrinking World and Connecting With Hollyhock Lovers Everywhere!

Barbara Harms Fiber Art asianartandquilts.comThis has been my month for hollyhocks. It began with a hollyhock art quilt. One of my customers, who owns a fabric art gallery purchased another art quilt from me. This is the 9th quilt for her.

She first found me through the internet.The quilt she chose this time was the hollyhock quilt, pictured above. I was delighted. This quilt was one of my favorites, and it was going to a woman who I Like, a very nice person.

However before it sold, it captured the attention of another person.

InI A short jump across the ocean, a psychologist with a practice in Australia noticed the hollyhock quilt while online. She has an affinity for hollyhocks. One is even pictured on her business cards.

She also has an interest in art quilts, with a large one already hanging in her office.

The internet has shrunk the world, it seems smaller.That thought is no great revelation, we hear it all the time. However my own tiny example impressed that truth upon me personally.
We have the ability to connect with people living on the other side of the planet, how unbelievable. .

Three people’s lives overlapped for a moment in time, based on a mutual interest in the same simple art quilt. Living many miles apart, it was unlikely their paths ever would have crossed.

To take this a step further. The psychologist, living in Australia, was able to locate and contact the quilt’s maker, living in the states. Two people, living in two different countries brought together despite the huge populations and miles. A business transaction is made. The psychologist is able to obtain an art quilt that suits her needs and the artist gains a new commission.

The world of commerce has now become a global market.

What strikes me as its greatest potential is we now have the ability to some insight into our differences and similarities.

We’re not that different, we love babies and animals, have a need for love and acceptance. And people everywhere like hollyhocks and quilts.

My quilt’s new owner will be in the states, near to where I am. She will pick it up in person if it’s done. I will enjoy meeting her, a pleasure I rarely have.

I like where my quilt is going, she offers help to those in need of it and she likes hollyhocks and quilts. I think it has found a good home.

Red Hollyhock fiber art quilt update

This is the Red Hollyhock quilt ready for quilting, holly hocks appliqued on, thread paint finished.

Barbara Harms Fiber Art
7hollyhocks progress report 8

A detailed view of blossoms on this red hollyhock art quilt.

Red hollyhocks art quilt detail of one stock

The applique and thread painting is finished on this red hollyhock[caption id="attachment_10349" align="align center" width="200"] A detailed view of a spray of large hollyhocks from the Red hollyhock art quilt.

art quilt. Ready to quilt[/caption]

hollyhock progress detail 3

Ready to quilt. The Red Hollyhock quilt has the quilting yet to be dome.

Holly hocks thread painted and ready tp applique

A Whole Lot Of Flowers!

I’ve started a new commissioned art quilt. It features red hollyhocks, which makes me pretty happy!  I must confess that making a quilt with lots of flowers is one of my favorite things to do. I’m already making some headway. Due to a large amount of detailed thread painting that needs to o be done on a rather large quilt, this will take a lot of labor and time to complete. No complaints there, I love doing what I do.

The first step involved thread painting all my holly hocks, which I’ll cut out and applique to the backdrop that I’ve already painted.. The quilt will be a large size, so that means I’ll need lots and lots of hollyhocks. I don’t want to skimp on the amount, I want my stems to be full of flowers.

On a quilt that size, making so many has been a long process. Each one takes quite a while to complete. Each one is an individual and slightly different from all the others. They are after all, going to be the star of this quilt. All the focus will be on my hollyhocks, so no cookie cutter holly hocks allowed!

I give some thought to every flower before I begin it. I think that if I rushed from one to the next, in a great hurry, they’d end up being  duplicates. Little clones of each other.

What I found in making these little babies was. if I wanted each one to be a individual,  I needed a big  variety in the shades of red to give character  to each flower.

Thus  began the great “red thread quest’ I was on a mission, find the shades of red I wanted and needed. You may not have realized this, but red colors can vary greatly and still be considered “red”.

There are blue based reds, then there are orange based reds and and a lot of ground inbetween. I wanted several different orange based reds, with out their being an actual orange. I needed a colors starting with  dark, then lid shade and finally light.

It’s funny, that with each new project you begin, no matter how many spools of thread, or amounts of fabric that you own, there will always be at least one or more necessary colors that you don’t have, but you must have for the integrity of the design . I repeat this unbelievable truth, there will always be at least one missing color. Ask a few quilters or seamstresses you know, they’ll say the same. You begin scouring the fabric stores and buying yet more fabric or thread.

I have a massive stock of thread, I do a lot of thread painting and need it.

When I say that I have a massive stock of thread,  I think there is no way to envision it, so I must provide a visual aid, to preserve my creditability.  So expect pictures, these are not my complete stash, but I just got sick of photographing it all.

I can’t fathom that out of my entire collection of thread, massive as it is, I couldn’t find the exact shades of red that I wanted…

I’ll give you a tiny look at some of the finished hollyhocks,  There are many more. Now I invite you to just wander through the photos and be amazed at the impossibility of a missing shade out all of this!


Holly hocks thread painted and ready tp applique

 A little trimming around the edges and they’re ready to go.







Drawers of thread used for art quilts





Blue cones of thread for art quiltsRed thread used in art quiltingART quilting threadsLoyts of thread for threadpainting fiber artthread cshelf with variety for making art quilts


































































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