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Change is good, we’re offered the chance of growth and new beginnings.

Working on art quilts consumes my attention, I often miss what is going on,  little changes in life and events, for example the changing of the seasons [ am I devoted to my craft or what? You betcha!}

Art quilts aside and being a rather concentrated but unobservant fiber artist,  I did manage to observe something the other day. It was  a commercial for school clothes. School clothes, really? Didn't summer just start? Apparently not, according to the TV commercials it's time to start thinking about school clothes.

Wow, it's true about "the flight of time", [ please note that I'm trying to avoid overused cliches, my post editor doesn't like them; bad writing skills, hence the awkward phrasing.  the editor finds that "acceptable?  Boring & bad writing, ha! Like that's not obvious anyway.]

Enough of my attempts at humor, perhaps I shouldn’t quit my day job [take that cliche, post editor!]  In a couple of blinks of the eye [oops another over used cliche, in trouble again I'm afraid.] If only the spell checker was as strict with me].

Fall will be upon us in no time and with it, change. That is the theme behind my latest landscape art quilt, “Change, New Beginnings”.

Change is inevitable. I have to admit I can be slow to adjust at times. Rather than resist it, I’m trying think of it as an opportunity. We’ve been given a fresh start, of sorts. “I didn’t get to that last fall, but this year I’m going to….”. The great thing is that the slate is clean, we can do whatever things that nagged away at us the past year. This new season offers an opportunity for change. It’s a good time for it. My advise to all, including myself is, use it wisely, because time really does fly!

I started this landscape art quilt a couple of months ago. I’ve just finished and have listed it on Etsy this morning. I’ve started my nest project, the thread painting for flowers that will be appliqued on  has begun. I want to work full throttle, it is waiting for me and I’m eager to dive in with both feet [please excuse my 3rd or 4th cliche, I'm challenging my post editor with this post. A foolish thing to do, because me, of all people require my posts to be edited. It is correct, four cliches in one post is just plain  excessive!]

I love the feeling of satisfaction when I’ve completed an art quilt and like the results. And I love the anticipation of starting the next one.


I guess I’m just a person who loves beginnings and endings.

Here’s that landscape art quilt; “Change, New Beginnings”.





A meadow with the few stragglers of summer, soon to be replaced

with the growth of a new season.


art quilt landscape wall hanging wall decor

Trees in blazing color!landscape art quilt wall hanging Autum orignal copy

One small note, I’m experiencing a change in my life these days.It involves a new website, built by me, yes you heard me correctly. Imagine that, coming from the queen of tech ineptness!!! It’s true, created by me and the entire support team of Go Daddy. I called tech support so often that many of the support team have began to recognize me and I’ve began to recognize several of their voices as well. “Hey is that you Brandon? How’s your day going? It’s about to take a down ward spiral, sorry but I need help with …”. Well Brandon or Micheal or any other member of the team, day or night shift, have been patient and helpful.

I haven’t had even one bad experience, which is strange because I require a great, great deal of patience to help. I have not sensed one single sign of irritation, no impatience or exasperation detectable in their voices. Nada. Just nice polite and patient people with a  desire to help you.

One more change, I’m going e-commerce. Which means for anyone unacquainted with the term [I feel it's important to explain terms, I appreciate it when others do that for me. Just kidding, you all know what eCommerce is.] I’ll have a store right on my site, with the ability to purchase my work directly from there. Big change for me, you may have already heard about this.  I might have mentioned it, oh just a few times perhaps. Stage one completed, the store and tie in to this blog is in progress. So just to take a look at the bare bones of it

I’m slow, but eventually I’ll get the store up.






A feature in Art Quilting Studio Magazine, I’m plum over the top crazy excited!

IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE! My issue of Art Quitting Studio has arrived. They weren’t kidding, I’m actually in it.
Opened it up, and there I was! My quilt and name, a whole 1 & 1/2 pages.
I’m running out and buying several copies, before they change their minds. Do you think 50 will be enough?
I need someone to slap me across the face and say, “Get a hold of yourself woman, lots of people have been in magazines”, but none of those people were ever me! So yes, I admit it.
I’m over excited, far too often. It can get annoying, as you may be thinking right now. A dead giveaway? Over use of exclamation marks, another annoying habit which I’m guilty of, see, what did I tell you?

Just imagine, if it excited me when I order new business cards, you can imagine how over the top this makes me!
I’ve had a few tiny features here & there, even one on Janome’s web site, but this is a magazine FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Can you blame me?


ArtQuiltingStudioBarbaraHarmsFiberArtFeature 0

Here’s the featured article about the making of my art quilt, “60 MPH Sunset.



Here I am! I’m in the Art Quilting Studio magazine! See that’s me!




















Art Quilting Magazgine June issue, look for me!


last page, the end



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around the corner, and

in a split


everything will change.

Wonder -

disappear into it.



This photo tells the story of a man about to disappear around the corner into a wilder place. More story-telling pictures are here, where every week photographers rise to a new challenge put on by The Daily Post at WordPress.

The photo was taken at Larabee State Park in Washington, about an hour north of Seattle.

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