A nice thing happemed

A funny thing happened.

A woman had a friend call her to  tell her that she had  just.seen an art quilt that she thought her friend,would want to see. The friend who received the call was the The editor of the publication, County Register..

I got the email from the editor of The County Register asking if they could use one my quilts, an older one on the cover of their next issue? When I finally figured out which art quilt she wanted to use, I said “OK, Why Not?”

A nice thing happemed

The Cover of County Register, look it’s my quilt.

Painted in Waterlogue

The Pigs Are Flying!

I have finally finished the long promised, illusive website which I have spoken of endlessly for months. Any second it would go live. But I realized finally the hopelessness of my quest. I lacked the most basic knowledge and skill needed. The advert for this template site was “Anyone could build a website in an afternoon”. “I’m an anyone, so why not?” I thought. Because no one counted on this anyone as so hopelessly beyond the simplest skills that any 4 year old child possesses. Months and months have passed. Finally with endless hours of tech support, a miracle! The Pigs Are Flying!

But it’s happened,  Come by and see.  http://BarbaraHarmsFiberArt.com

The p20140513-172657.jpgigs are flying!